Hi, I’m Mayamiko. You can call me Maya. My middle name is Christar. My family and close friends always call me Miko.

I am passionate about public health, global health and health in general.

Growing up in Malawi, I have realized that public health is often overlooked, misunderstood and never taken seriously.

I believe in building healthy communities for people to thrive, heal and do their best work.

How am I doing this? I volunteer, I research, I read and I try to help where I can.

Currently I am applying to do a master’s degree in Public health while at the same time trying to work with a health oriented organization.

So basically I am a communications person who wants to become a health expert. I know. Lol

I have been trying to venture into the health profession for some time now, but man! Following one’s passion, especially in Malawi is not the easiest thing to do. but we keep pushing.

On this blog I will be sharing content about everything related to health and my journey to becoming a health expert.

Walk with me.